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I hear of lots of people wanting to get going with aproeject that will help with meditation, inclusion and involement in the process of being and doing well for our world.

We, a small team of startup doers, have readied Telegram, Facebook and Twitter ( search australiangurus on these Apps) to communicte together, keeping up with what is next with the project and getting those tasks done.

Rewards of ISHA Token are in the system to help with efforts and will be rewarded over the White Paper Time Line.

Early in this stage, we will need Social Influencers.

People who can spread the word and help get funds raised either via PayPal Pool or the sale of ISHA Token.

A members site is being purpose built to enable everone to stay in the loop. It will also show efforts, past/future inputs, adn evdevous of the volunteers/members during our growth.

Volunteer List – Get on board folks!

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Welcome to the volunteers site. We are so please that you are considering our team to assist with tasks that may arise.

Subscribe and enter the mailing list for Volunteers, we would love to have you on board.

Have a bliss fillied day,

Dash Geoghegan.

Australian Gurus, & ISHA Token – Building bridges between traditional finance and blockchain technology

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