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Adding and designing the new Australian Gurus

More on ISHA Token Use/Operational aspects.

Tokenized Securities – ISHA Token Traditional financial securities such as stocks and bonds are increasingly moved to the blockchain infrastructure due to the many benefits of this technology, such as lightning fast settlement, 24×7 trading, access to international investors and a significantly increased liquidity.A security on the blockchain is termed a tokenized security – or …

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On the way

This week I have enlisted assistance to perform the task of getting up a ICO/White Paper. Should be ready in a week or so. Pretty cool stuff. This will help with attracting funding to the idea. It’s a road I love to travel. Interest in mediation is on the rise. The Growing Popularity of Meditation It’s …

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ISHA Token update 25.10.20

Hello, the token deployment is progressing and funding the pool is next to come. The coin supply is reducible over time due to its nature (minting and burning ability) so as to secure a proper value outcome over time. Also, a Facebook and Twitter account are being organized currently. AUM.

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