“It’s estimated that 200–500 million people meditate worldwide. In recent years, the meditation stats show that the practice has been gaining in popularity. Considering all the health benefits it offers, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of people use it.” (Feb 2, 2020 sciencealert.com)

Greetings to one and all.

More now than ever people everywhere are seeking real change to our world. Ushered in by the many global events that have occurred in the last twelve months. And by the constant evolution of both our perception of who we are and the technology we are creating. There is an ever growing need for alternative solutions to the global problems that we are now facing.

Once such solution is thousands of years old and has been practiced by every indigenous culture on Earth. Harmonious living with our environment, universe and entire cosmos.

The opportunity for a better way of life, for a fairer more just and inclusive way of life, a life that is in balance with nature, is knocking on our door and the best part is…..we are opening that door. We are listening. We are opening our minds and our hearts more than ever. We’re not squinting through the peephole and asking “What do you want?” while perhaps being dubious of the outcome.

But now we are opening the door and saying “what can I do to help, what can I do to play my part?”. In many ways we are being reminded that we did not create this world, we are not the owners of this world.

We are the inhabitants, the custodians and along the way we get to enjoy, respect and appreciate every aspect of the miracle we have been blessed with, LIFE.

This is the belief of every indigenous society, every culture that kept their connections to the Mother Earth and their connections that go beyond physical and mental perimeters. This is the humanity we want back. Equipped with todays technology and yesterday’s experience we can have a wonderful tomorrow.

To achieve this goal we should be looking toward what has been known, practiced and passed on for thousands of years. Our connection to everything. Though as this is a connection that can only be found within ourselves, the idea was never shared as there was no opportunity to make money from it. Instead we were indoctrinated with fear to gain more control and create more profit.

However the understanding of our lives and the universe it exists in, it is far deeper and has more clarity when we seek inward and not outward for the answers. In recent years and even more so this year more and more people are seeking real answers from those who know and have kept the science of the past alive and well.

There are many cultures that have kept the sciences alive for thousands of years.

On the opposite side many countries and cultures have also lost their connections to the part of life that gave balance, purpose and joy.  Some cultures not only kept their connections but their connection is their culture.

This is our work. Enter the Australianguru.com.au initiative. To create environments/retreats where those who are seeking a place to further their inner studies can come and stay and be safe, comfortable and supported while practicing sadhana. In energy harmony with the natural surroundings, and spaced in balance with privacy, safety and accessibility, our retreat will include space to sit and get lost in practice.

Australia has a beautiful and deep connection with the land born from the indigenous heritage and culture that is quite possibly the oldest culture alive today. The land is imbued with deep spiritual beliefs and practices. Some landscape features are the embodiment of ancestral beings.

With the sciences that have been practiced for eons comes a connection between them all. There is no segregation in truth. Keeping this in mind the retreat will be open to all spiritual or religious backgrounds. The purpose of the retreats is simply to offer an unbiased and nurturing environment for those on an inner path. Simple land acquisitions to fulfill the requirements of meditation.

To get these retreats happening of course we need funding and support in the many various forms required to undertake such a project.

As mentioned above technology is evolving, faster than we can assimilate. One new era of tech which has offered an alternative to the banks controlling and governing our money is cryptocurrency or digital/electronic money. I’m sure many of you have heard of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is fast becoming a major rival to our normal bank transactions. Many countries around the world now peg their finance on either Bitcoin (BTC) or Etherium (ETH) Cryptocurrency gives you back control of you own money and funds in the projects or businesses you are invested in . This is not an advert for cryptocurrency but is a great way for the retreat to be funded. The idea to create an new cryptocurrency called Isha Token could fund all aspects of the retreat. Instead of investing normal currency ( which can still be invested), investors would purchase the Isha Token which would entitle them to spend time at the retreat. The sale of the coins worldwide would fund the property purchase and the maintenance.

The more the coins are sold the more valuable the coin will become. The initial value of the coin will be based on Etherium and we are currently waiting on the contract outcome. The location of the retreat will be in one of the most beautiful locations in Australia, the Victorian High-plains. The dedication, devotion and love in creating an environment that people will want to use is the key to reassuring investors of not only of the projects necessity but it’s profitability as well. The land will be there for future generations to come.

Future outcomes with Isha tokens brought.

Dwellings and accommodation to support and enhance the experience and deepen the connection, both internal and external.

Dwellings and accommodation for gurus to come and stay to help with consecrations of the spaces.

Dwellings and accommodation for schooling children.

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