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The Australian Gurus is an initiative/project for everyone who loves to meditate

Australian Gurus Members site - a site to stay in touch with what is going on.

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Who We Are

The Australian Gurus is an initiative project which strives to guide the spiritual progress of meditators who wishes to practice sadhana, yoga, mindfulness, produce positive effects on psychological wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety, and increasing overall happiness.

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other activities

As an initiative which seeks to make the world a better place, we also value the general wellbeing of everyone. We would also use this platform to make current job posts. This will greatly help everyone in this platform.

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Job posting

There are a lot of top talented individuals that have missed amazing job opportunities due to lack or misinformation. Recruitment companies race for top talents but sometimes fail to connect to the right folks for the job. Hence, it is increasingly necessary to use our social media platform in talent acquisition. Indeed, over 90% of all recruiters now use social networking sites in their recruitment process. Australian Gurus ideas present this opportunity to everyone who has the necessary information to make posts concerning Job opportunities.

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Our Future Plan

The Australian Guru initiative aims to constantly improve on the contents and responsiveness of this platform. Furthermore, by the end of the fouth quarter of next year, we will have achieved: Improved Job Visibility, Higher Quality Candidates, Better Employer Brand Awareness, Reduced Cost of Higher, Open doors of engagements, Seamless attainment of Jobs.

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Together we make the world better


The ISHA Token

ISHA means one who protects and is of Indian origin. Gender is female. The Isha Tokens are special kinds of virtual currency tokens that reside on the Ethereum blockchains. The creation of Isha Token (as a store of value) is a way for token holders to be physically and financially invested in the properties brought with the Tokens value.
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