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About: The project

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Lock up land for the future. Not just to meditate on but to keep pristine for future generations.

Purchase of land stored as a value (for Isha token (ISHA) holders) directly tied to the price of this digital currency, tokenizing the property into digital value. Purpose of meditation and sadhana by the Isha token holders.

Using a Cryptocurrency Token to facilitate interest in purchasing investment.

Use the token as a per hours currency to allow Isha token holders to spend on time meditating on the purchased property or properties

As a store of value directly tied to the owned properties and relevant land prices the Isha token price would stabilize on the property market.


A little about me:

My name is Dash Geoghegan.

I currently run the West End Café & Convenience Store in Wangaratta.

A baker by trade and use this skill to pay the bills.

Studying Eastern science from and early age up until today has influenced my decision to initiate this project into life. As guru says- make your life goals inclusive of everyone around you, if you can do something at least try and do it.

Main influencers in my practice and study are Paramahansa Yogananda and Sadhguru.  All correct knowledge comes from the guru. These two gurus afford/imbue the practice with deliberate and proved kriya outcomes that the seeker truly experiences. In particular the inner engineering program offered by Sadhguru, is a life changing course for everyone.

Focus on my own journey has lead me to conclude that everyone is on that trip

Breath and mantra = tantra, this is what it is really all about IMHO. All the guru wants from you is evolution. All we can do is work together to get a place to practice meditation (sadhana)

At all times we need somewhere to go and get the practice in we need to achieve a more energetic perception. This land bank will be a start to what, as meditators, we can achieve. 

All in all I am 59, an Asperger and have little or no social nuance knowledge, still I have the need to assist every human out of the mind. 

Times they are a changing….still. Be they ever changing! Let’s change with hem. It’ a new time on earth, if we make it so.