20/21 Year of the guru

What could be so significant to alter the progress and direction of humanity? After listening to Sadhguru latest Darshan video it is clear to me that gurus are the people who care about us most as a species and as Life beings.

Greed and the wanton need for material wealth are fading in our society as real goals.

Sadhguru points out in this Dashan that the only two real things, as it were, we have in life are how much Life as a conscious being you can be and the impact you can have in this life you have as a conscious being.

In this effort and focus we have created Australian Gurus Idea/Project. To do what we can for meditators in and visiting Australia from around the world. Do what you can in the world whilst you are here. I ask each one of us reading these words to consider what you have really done in the world that affect the greater good for your fellow humans . I decided to get some land organized for the future.



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