It’s a long established fact that India has some of the best mountain ranges in the Himalayas and is the oldest source of spiritual gurus on earth.

Rich in unending varieties of culture and a true source for human evolution technology in the form of Yogic Teaching.

I ask is it time to bring this idea to Australia? For those seeking to energize a property specifically brought for that purpose I say it is.

What makes this initiative/project so special? Uninterrupted sadhana for as long as you like in the quiet of the Australian bush.

Land locked up for meditation and kept pristine would be right on Sir David Attenborough’s idea about saving land for wild live and diversification of plants. 

Is it just me or do we need energized and consecrated properties here in Australia for meditators.

Land locked up for future generations seems like a small thing to do for our children’s children. It also is the right thing to do for ourselves so we can obtain properties to meditate and maintain.

The creation of Isha Token (as a store of value) is a way for those who own the token to be physically/financially invested in the properties brought with the Tokens value.

It’s a wild idea but one I thought I would have a crack at. I love Life and live to meditate. This land idea was my personal long term but Sadhguru says it is better to include everyone long term.