An initiative / project for everyone who loves to meditate



2020 Q2 

Inception of the project: Fundamental concepts, core team building, coin deployment,  contract deployment initiation & success,  web site development.

2020 Q3

Clear problem statement: analyses, problem identification, and general design of platform.

2020 Q4 

Project Build and Details: Token was Deployed on uniswap. Buy/swap ISHA on Uniswap, Promotion of project on blog, social audience building, preview of New ISHA TOKEN and Start of influencer marketing. Listing on Exchanges (P2PB2B, Vindax, Coin market cap and more)


2021 Q1 

Start Project : Lead generation contest, Weekly emails, Blog posts every two weeks, Bounty programs, Social audience building.


2021 Q2 

Project promotion: Daily emails, Weekly blog posts, Pre-ICO press release, Main advertising campaigns, Re-targeting campaigns.


2021 Q3 

ICO Launch: ICO launch press release, ICO news items


2021 Q4 

Post ICO: Full reputation and reward system build, Results audit Results press release, Post-ICO communications


2022 Q3 

Add Functionalities: blog, forum-topics-threads, questions and answers, chat, groups


2022 Q4 

OFFICIAL LAUNCH: Adding all media formats integrated into the platform



The Isha Tokens are special kinds of virtual currency tokens that reside on the Ethereum blockchains. 

The creation of Isha Token (as a store of value) is a way for token holders to be physically and financially invested in the properties brought with the Tokens value. The Isha Token gives entitlement to the token holder an equivalent amount of time to secure space on our pristine lands that have been purchased through the sales of ISHA tokens in Australia. Through the funds generated from the sales of the ISHA Token, Meditators can receive training from renowned gurus invited from all over the world.With the generated Funds the Pristine Lands are kept in a well-preserved state for all members of the Project.The Funds generated from ISHA Token sales are also used to plan and organise meetings, it will also cover volunteering activities.

Greetings to You

It’s an already known fact that India has some of the best mountain ranges in the Himalayas and is the oldest source of spiritual gurus on earth. Rich in unending varieties of culture and true source for human evolution technology in the form of Yogic Teaching.

 A special-purpose property?

For those seeking to energize a property specifically brought for that purpose, I say it is. This is why the Australian Gurus initiative has sort to secure a space that you can invest in for the long term, for posterity, and for the next generation. This project is not for profit.

What makes this initiative/project so special?

Uninterrupted sadhana for as long as you like in the quiet of the Australian bush. Land owned for the sole purpose of keeping it pristine.

Landlocked up for meditation and kept natural would be right on Sir David Attenborough’s idea about saving land for wildlife and diversification of plants. 

Is it just me, or do we need energized and consecrated properties here in Australia for meditators?



Preserving Landlocked areas for future generations is relatively a small thing to do for our children’s children. It is also the right thing to do for ourselves; so we can obtain properties to meditate on and maintain.

The creation of Isha Token (as a store of value) is a way for those who own the token to be physically/financially invested in the properties bought with the Tokens value.

How am I involved?

It’s a novel idea, but I would have a crack at it. I love Life and live to meditate.

The idea to secure pristine lands was my personal long term goal, but Sadhguru says it is better to include everyone on this milestone. So here we are.

From now until I finish my journey on this planet, I am devoting all of my time to getting special meditation places, safe places for women and girls, and amenities to suit them.

Australian gurus offer a stable ecosystem to everyone looking to live a completely different lifestyle outside that given to us by the system.


Schools for teaching children and young folks about the real purpose of life and human existence; will be built on the specially acquired properties.

Enabling safe havens for wildlife would also be a tremendous advantage for the future when we consider species on the planet that have gone on extinction.

A little effort will constitute a ripple effect in the future.

What difference can we make?

Of course, some people will say “I won’t be in the pristine lands; it won’t matter.” The point is, the care and responsibility we take on now will ensure the betterment of the future. We must act.

Anyone who has been to our event we call confest can testify about the separateness that getting away can be, cleanse the aura, and revitalizes the senses. We enjoy a tremendously uplifting feeling from such events.


Why not. It is just the application of this idea stopping this from becoming a reality.

Look at it from a different angle, can we?

Australian Gurus take institutional thinking and throw it away. We live in a new time, and we need new ideas, new ways of seeing and solving social problems.

How can we get this done?

Why not. It is to be a part of something bigger than what we are. It is what satisfies us most.


Researches carried out on currencies shows that around the globe in many countries, Corporate and private organizations are moving to base their entire asset/worth/currencies on either Bitcoin or Ethereum.

People are now buying up big and holding their assets in cryptocurrency of different types, and gradually moving away from the traditional USD or fiat money.


We stand as a bridge between traditional finance and blockchain technology.

Why use a token to secure land?

Well, it’s the way of the future. Real estate coins/tokens are already changing the way we see value in land purchasing and holding these assets as it increases in value. Some Australian companies are at the forefront of these ideas.

Along with many other experts in finance, all items available with fiat or cash like lawnmowers and washing machines, etc. will be available with digital dollars, be it Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency.

ISHA Tokens : To be part of this project, you need to purchase our tokens. Once purchased, your money goes into the land pool.

Tokens equivalent to the value of your money is allocated to you.

After you have obtained the ISHA Tokens, you become a bonafide member of the project. You are provided with options on how to utilize your tokens.

You can use them to buy time to meditate on the purchased properties or know that you now hold a real physical interest in preserving the future.

As a holder of the token, holding will be of interest as the value rises.


Over time, we will enlist like-minded people to assist and stay on the properties. The end game will be self-sufficient land able to accommodate students and teachers alike.

It is something practical and doable folks. Not a religion, not a philosophy, just plain old practice. Donations, suggestions, purchases will greatly help boost the viability of this project. Join the mailing list and get on board with our idea.



Vindax Exchange

Isha Token now listed on Vindax Exchange

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Finexbox Exchange

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Indoex Exchange

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