An initiative / project for everyone who loves to meditate



2020 Q2 

Inception of the project: Fundamental concepts, core team building, coin deployment,  contract deployment initiation & success,  web site development.

2020 Q3

Clear problem statement: analyses, problem identification, and general design of platform.

2020 Q4 

Project Build and Details: Token was Deployed on uniswap. Buy/swap ISHA on Uniswap, Promotion of project on blog, social audience building, preview of New ISHA TOKEN and Start of influencer marketing. Listing on Exchanges (P2PB2B, Vindax, Coin market cap and more)


2021 Q1 

Start Project : Lead generation contest, Weekly emails, Blog posts every two weeks, Bounty programs, Social audience building.


2021 Q2 

Project promotion: Daily emails, Weekly blog posts, Pre-ICO press release, Main advertising campaigns, Re-targeting campaigns.


2021 Q3 

ICO Launch: ICO launch press release, ICO news items


2021 Q4 

Post ICO: Full reputation and reward system build, Results audit Results press release, Post-ICO communications


2022 Q3 

Add Functionalities: blog, forum-topics-threads, questions and answers, chat, groups


2022 Q4 

OFFICIAL LAUNCH: Adding all media formats integrated into the platform



The Isha Tokens are special kinds of virtual currency tokens that reside on the Ethereum blockchains. 

The creation of Isha Token (as a store of value) is a way for token holders to be physically and financially invested in the properties brought with the Tokens value. The Isha Token gives entitlement to the token holder an equivalent amount of time to secure space on our pristine lands that have been purchased through the sales of ISHA tokens in Australia. Through the funds generated from the sales of the ISHA Token, Meditators can receive training from renowned gurus invited from all over the world.With the generated Funds the Pristine Lands are kept in a well-preserved state for all members of the Project.The Funds generated from ISHA Token sales are also used to plan and organise meetings, it will also cover volunteering activities.

Vindax Exchange

Isha Token now listed on Vindax Exchange

Finexbox Exchange

Finexbox Exchange

Another excellent partner now listing Isha Token - Finexbox Exchange

Indoex Exchange

Indoex Exchange

Our latest Listingon Exchnages. Indoex Exchange

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